Against a black pallet the spotlight captures an image of strength and beauty. Sculpted by years of disciplined training the physique is hard and chiseled.
Each muscle developed and perfected as if designed by the hands of a bronze creator. 

The audience is captivated by the sight of perfection that stands still before them in a statuesque manner. The music electrifying, the thrill of suspense in the air, poses become fluent as classic dance and modern movement are incorporated into the unique and distinctive routine. The energy moves smoothly across the stage in a mesmerizing and tranquil fashion, unlike anything ever seen within this venue and sport. 

A woman’s extraordinary presence of artistic impression connected with traditional bodybuilding is the result of breath taking splendor and possibilities for woman in a men’s sport. Diana Dennis has secured a firm place in history with her innovative ideas and artistic creativity.

Her legacy strong and enduring, Her ever artistic flare continues now through unique styles of photography, passing on her experience to others, and transforming humanity, one set at a time.

Diana has spent much of her life developing her unique, timeless, and unforgettable style. While sculpting her amazing physique Diana made many breakthroughs concerning what was considered impossible for woman’s bodybuilding. Her realm of incorporating classic dance with modern posing lead to a new era for woman in this sport, her longevity and level of competition are unparalleled. Diana has an extraordinary ability to create art from the female human form. Her level of expression is apparent through the many clients she has trained, coached, and transformed throughout her career. 

Diana would best be described as a visionary, educator, creator, and artist. 
She lives in a world of possibility where all people become a living breathing form of art



1983    Cal. Championships   4th Place

1987    World Pro    4th Place

1984   Orange County Classic    1st Place

1987    Ms. Olympia    8th Place

1984    NPC USA    2nd Place

1989    World Pro    1st Place

1984    NPC Nationals    2nd Place

1989    Ms. Olympia    7th Place

1985    NPC Nationals    1st Place

1990    Ms. Olympia    7th Place

1985    Ms. Olympia    3rd Place

1991    Ms. Olympia    6th Place

1986    LA Grand Prix    1st Place

1992    Ms. Olympia    5th Place

1986    LA Professional    1st Place

1993    Ms. Olympia    15th Place

1986    World Pro    2nd Place

1994    Ms. Olympia    10th Place

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  • Paul B. Goode's PHYSIQUE

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